Stories and Crafts at #Festyrefail

Stories and Crafts at #Festyrefail

9th July

A festival of community arts taking place from the 8th to the 10th July 2016 in Tonyrefail, Porth. There will be workshops, exhibitions and performances in theatre, dance, music, comedy and visual arts in pubs, clubs and on the street.

We will be in the Rhondda Bowl at 10am on Saturday, July 9th, reading from the book and getting arty with the little ones!

Bring your best smiles and animal sounds to join the fun!

Learn more about Festyrefail.

Book Launch at Abergavenny Writing Festival

Book Launch at Abergavenny Writing Festival

Abergavenny Writing Festival
23rd April

Author Mari Ellis Dunning will be reading Percy the Pompom Bear live at Abergavenny Writing Festival on April 23rd.

The Abergavenny based festival will be running between April 21st and 23rd 2016 at Kings Arms, Abergavenny, with readings, talks, workshops and writing activities for all.

Bring your kids along for this lively and interactive book reading – they’re guaranteed to be entertained!

Copies of the book will be on sale for £5.99 each, and will include a free gift!

Find out more about the festival here, or reserve your place now.

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